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Shakespears Sister - Stay (Official Video)

Taken from the album "Hormonally Yours" released February 17th 1992 Listen to “Stay” ⇨ ...

Shakespears Sister 'You're History'

'You're History' official promo video. Taken from the album 'Sacred Heart' (C) 1989 Siobhan Fahey ...

Shakespears Sister 'Bitter Pill'

Shakespears Sister "Bitter Pill" at Ladyfest. (C) SF Records From the DVD S.F.T.R.R: Videos.

Siobhan Fahey 1994 The Fan Dance Song (Feat Jaye Davidson)

Siobhan Fahey & Jaye Davidson- The Fan Dance Song This upload is for jim2jac :-) In 1994, Siobhan and Sophie Muller wrote ...

SIOBHAN FAHEY -- Bitter Pill

solo single from ex-Bananarama member.

Siobhan Fahey Bad Blood

Siobhan Fahey Bad Blood.

Shakespears Sister 'Songs From The Red Room'

The new album, 'Songs From The Red Room' is out now! See the web site for more information.

Pulsatron - Siobhan Fahey

[Siobhan Fahey's fabulous video for 2004's PULSATRON] Just goes to show what you can do with good editing & special effects!

Shakespears Sister - White Rabbit

Siobhan Fahey covers Jefferson Airplane 's White Rabbit. Well, a favourite book from my childhood - "Alice in the Wonderland" as ...

‪Shakespears Sister - Stay (Siobhan Fahey solo acoustic version, 2006)‬‏

2006 unreleased solo acoustic version of 'Stay', sung by Siobhan Fahey solo. ohnoitisnathan.

Vegas featuring Siobhan Fahey - Walk Into the Wind (version 2)

Vegas Walk Into the Wind version 2. 1993 single charting at #65 in the UK in April 1993. Vegas was a Terry Hall (of The ...

Shakespears Sister - 'It's a Trip' HD

Original Music Video starring Siobhan Fahey, featuring Brett Grace and Kimberly Shannon. Directed by Paul Boyd.

pulsatron (whitey version) siobhan fahey

Trashy Documentary style video made by Morten Magnus and Christin Isak Isaksen mid2005. visit the girl behind bananarama ...

Shakespears Sister 'I Can Drive'

'I Can Drive' official promo video. Taken from the album '#3' (C) 1996 Siobhan Fahey

Siobhan Fahey / Shakespear's Sister / Bananarama in photos

I don't own the photos or music. Photos were found online or from magazines I own myself. The music is from Sacred Heart album.

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